Rawlings et al 2014 research stated that inter-agency communication is a repetitive theme studied quiets a lot. Repetition can help increase confidence as people become more aware or knowledgeable about a specific topic. Similarly, Douglas 2009 also stated that in health and social care sectors diverse philosophies facilitate working in partnership among health care organisations. This informs that inter-agency communication could be a philosophical idea and that is why it is constantly studied. This process and procedures of communication will help manage risks and improve accountability. There is so much power exerted as people work together.

Darlington, Feeney, Rixon, (2005) research disseminated information about the reformulation of power dynamic within inter-agency relationships. This is because families or service users can influence professional decision-making. A study done by Omeni et al., (2014) showed that service users have found it problematic to influence service providers. Therefore Darlington et al., (2005) study had a positive outcome, which improved relationships due to increased knowledge and understanding of others. Moreover, solving certain social problems can be rewarding and stimulating.

The Local Authorities HM Government (2004) have a responsibility to encourage inter-agency co-operation with the aim of improving the welfare of children. This informs that there is a need for health practitioners to share information successfully and communicate with other organisations concerning safeguarding concerns.

However, there are shortcomings with inter- agency communications. For example, Data protection Act 2018 that helps protect people’s information it can have an adverse effect if it is not adhered. In 2016, a foster family who had a baby taken into care at birth. A hospital accidentally revealed the foster parents’ names, address and phone numbers to the baby’s birth parents. The foster parents got death threats from the birth parents. They were obliged to live in hotels for several days until it was safe for them to return at their house. The baby was taken away from their care. This experience demonstrates how Data protection is important. Otherwise, miss-managed information’s can have bad effects on those it implicates (Hockley, 2019).

Therefore when processing huge volumes of sensitive health data, it is essential that professionals are well appointed with good data protection education (Hockley, 2019).

This is why Brown (2009) stressed that inter-agency and inter-professional working communication needs reviewing, to ensure lessons are learnt. This will help progress and strengthening bonds between enormous organisations that are inter communicating (Hockley, 2019).

What are your views on Teamwork?

Can teamwork help people to keep triumphing the war within?

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